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Home Office Inspiration: Maisy Leigh’s Cozy Desk Setup

Home Office Inspiration: Maisy Leigh’s Cozy Desk Setup

Maisy Leigh is a cozy lifestyle & tech influencer in addition to being a software engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. Take a peek inside her inviting home office full of cozy colors and warm-toned woods, an office space that blends design and technology seamlessly.

How to Create A Cozy Home Office


What are three words you’d use to describe how you want your office to feel?
Cozy, Welcoming, Productive

What makes your home office the best place to work? And why is having this space important to you?
My home office allows me to really focus on my work, because of its cozy, inviting ambiance. I look forward to being here, and that helps me in my productivity. I’m also a tech enthusiast, so being able to blend my cozy aesthetic with technology — makes my workspace so efficient, while being inspiring & comfortable to be in.




What does your office say about you?
My office makes it obvious that I love interior design, warm and cozy colors and aesthetics, and high-quality tech setups. 

What were your inspirations when designing this space?
My inspiration was nature.  I wanted my interior style to be as inviting as possible, and to make me feel peaceful to be in.  The colors of the warm-toned wood, colors of my mechanical keyboard, and colors of my walls are all inviting, and earthy. 


"As long as the environment is cozy, I'm satisfied." 


The Must-Haves of a Cozy Desk Setup

What element of your office is indispensable? 
Cozy aesthetics.  As long as the environment is cozy, I’m satisfied.

What kind of audio do you listen to in your home office? 
I listen to calming Lo-Fi music — I focus best with soft music in the background with no lyrics when I’m working. However… when I’m playing video games at my setup, on the other hand, the music can get intense haha.

Lastly, what’s your #1 career tip?
Create without boundaries.  Control the things you can control, in your life.  Don’t dwell too much on the things limiting you.  Instead, do what you can to get out of those limiting situations, and create for yourself, your own self-development, and your passions.


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Thank you so much, Maisy, for sharing your office space with us. You can find Maisy on her Instagram page , YouTube channel, TikTok and more.

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