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Tilt Ergonomic Stool

$225.00 Regular price $265.00
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Find a natural and comfortable posture, halfway between sitting and standing, with the Tilt Ergonomic Stool.

The minimalist design of its half-moon base allows you to gently rock yourself, keeping you active all throughout the workday. Made with high-quality sustainable material, its anti-slip base keeps you stable no matter the angle, allowing you to easily open your hips, reduce lower back tension and activate your legs.

Among our customers’ favourites, the Tilt Stool is the perfect seat for the worker who wishes to relieve lower back pain and keep moving throughout the day.

Main Features

  • Dome base with gripping surface
  • The Tilt can be angled up to 10 degrees
  • Upholstered triangular seat that allows saddle-like seating
  • Weight limit of 265lbs

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Tilt Ergonomic Stool

$225.00 Regular price $265.00
Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tilt ergonomic stool hard to assemble?

The Tilt ergonomic stool is very easy to assemble. The assembly takes seconds and requires no tools.

Is the Tilt ergonomic stool compatible for all heights?

The Tilt's seat can be adjusted from 23" to 33" high. The 10" height adjustment accommodates people of all sizes and is suitable for work on height adjustable desks.

The stool's height is not suitable for fixed desk 30" and lower.

Will the Tilt ergonomic stool damage my floors?

The base of the Tilt ergonomic stool has a rubber dome with grooves for better grip on the ground, while reducing the chances of catching hard debris that could damage the floor. 

However, it is recommended to be careful and clean the floor under the stool periodically.

Warranty & Returns


The Tilt ergonomic stool is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the original date of purchase.

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We accept returns for chairs and accessories that are sent back to us in perfect condition (not used) and in their original packaging (or its equivalent) 30 days after the ship date.

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An Ergonomic Stool for The Active Worker

Built to


Classic Aesthetics
& Timeless Design

Suitable for
Every Interior

featuresspecificationswhy we created it
Height Adjustable

The perfect companion to your adjustable desk, this stool is height adjustable, providing you with a posture halfway between sitting and standing. This position not only relieves your spine from tension, but also keeps you active throughout the day.

Dynamic Seating

Thanks to its unique half-moon base, this stool gently rocks, allowing you to stay active and engaged throughout your day. Experience a dynamic and comfortable seating solution that keeps you in motion, enhancing both your productivity and well-being.

The Tilt can be angled up to 10 degrees.

Built to Last

Our Tilt Ergonomic Stool is crafted from a combination of robust and eco-friendly materials, including 100% recycled polyester fabric, resilient polyurethane foam cushioning, and a sturdy polymer seat and base. Experience seating built to last, with a commitment to both longevity and environmental responsibility.


  • 100% recycled polyester fabric
  • Polyurethane foam cushion
  • Polymer seat and base
  • Painted steel cylinder


  • Seat : 14.5" in width per 14" in depth
  • Base : Diameter of 14"
  • Adjustable height between 23" and 33"


  • Dome base with gripping surface
  • The Tilt can be angled up to 10 degrees
  • Upholstered triangular seat that allows saddle-like seating
  • Weight limit of 265lbs

At Ergonofis, we develop our products with creativity in mind. We are always on the lookout for innovating ideas to keep you active, healthy and productive throughout the day. The Tilt Ergonomic Stool helps you do exactly that. By reducing your back pain and allowing you to be actively seated, the Tilt Stool enhances your work experience by making your workdays more enjoyable and productive.

The Tilt Ergonomic Stool for Standing Desk in White | Ergonofis

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wendy B
Love it!

Exactly as advertised: super easy to put together; gorgeous (i bought the white one) very comfortable and easy to adjust to the right height and distance from desk/computer.

Francis Tessier
Super efficace

je l'adore. Cela me permet même d'utiliser mon appareil eliptique sur mon bureau-assis de Ergonofis également. Super produit

Noah Simon

Tilt Ergonomic Stool

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