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Shopify - sit-stand desks

Shopify - sit-stand desks


Custom sit-stand desks with benching system

There’s a growing trend in companies offering incredible workspaces for their teams in order to optimize their health, productivity, and creativity. This trend was born from tech companies trying to attract talent in Silicon Valley. Gyms, bars, nap rooms, ping-pong tables, heck, you can even take slides instead of going down the stairs at a few of Google’s offices.

One of these companies offering incredible workspaces is Shopify. Shopify is an ecommerce platform where individuals and companies can build their online stores. Our website is actually built with their technology, including this article.

They’re an amazing company and their growth speaks for itself. They went from 2 employees in 2004 to over 2,000 today (2018). One of the many perks they offer to their employees is adjustable sit/stand desks. When we heard that they were expanding their offices in Montreal, we jumped on the occasion.

''We saw an incredible fit as our core purpose is to help office workers stay healthy, productive, and inspired at work.''

We aren’t unfamiliar with making sure our products meet high design standards either! In fact, we sincerely believe that design plays a crucial part in feeling inspired to take on big projects. Design is one thing, but when your growing your head count that quickly, there are a few crucial points that are a must.

Here were Shopify’s key requirements:


They grow quickly and move around a lot; the desks need to be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.


Their workspaces are very well designed, the sit/stand desks needed to respect that high standard.


They have a great deal to manage already, dealing with malfunctions and broken furniture is not something they can afford. They need to make sure their furniture is built to last.


The employee experience is clearly important for them. A standing desk that is shaky ruins the experience of using such a desk.

Benching system

The desks need to be linked together instead of being standalone desks.


The sit/stand desks need to be robust because their teams are rough on the furniture.


No space is the same. In order to maximize each room, they needed custom desk sizes. They needed at least 4 electrical outlets per employee and they needed to make sure that the wires were hidden as much as possible.

After a few days of planning fueled by coffee and brainstorming sessions around our standing conference table, we were able to take these requirements and turn them into robust custom sit/stand benching desks with wire management trays. The result is stunning:

Shopify is really an amazing company and so is their team, we’re incredibly happy to be part of their new office in Montreal!

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