NEW - Work better now, pay later. Financing now available at 0% interest.

Work better now,
pay later

We teamed up with Splitit to provide interest-free financing on any ergonofis desks.  You can now buy your ergonofis desk with interest-free monthly payments for up to 6 months.

Super quick & easy.

No paperwork, no credit checks and no applications required. Enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision.

No hidden fees.

See the exact monthly payments before making a purchase. No hidden fees and no surprises.

Simply select “Pay with Splitit” at checkout.

How it works

Go to the checkout section, select ‘Pay with Splitit’ and enter your credit card details

No credit checks required. The total amount is held in reserve on your card to ensure payment

Your first payment is taken immediately. The rest will be paid automatically in monthly installments

Order total: 

(Total of 800$ held on card)

(Total of 800$ held on card)

(Total of 800$ held on card)


Q: When will I receive my items?

A:  Our products ship within 10-15 business days. As soon as you complete your purchase in the checkout section, you will receive an invoice and we will proceed with your order. 

Q: Are there additional fees involved?

A: No, this is an interest-free payment method with no additional fixed fees, service fees, interest or hidden fees of any kind.

Q: Do you perform a credit check? What is the effect on my credit score?

A: There is no effect on your credit score since no credit check is performed. We simply reserve the amount on your credit card (you will never see it on your bill). Even if one of your authorization payments is declined, there is no effect on credit ratings, it is simply a declined charge. 

Q: Am I eligible for interest-free installments?

A: This service is currently available in Canada and the US. You must have the full amount of the purchase available on your VISA or MasterCard. The minimum purchase we offer in installments is 700$. 

Q: How will payments show up on my credit card?

A:  The instalments appear on your statement as individual charge items with the name of 'ergonofis'. These payments will appear monthly according to your instalment plan, with the same charge amount each time.

Q: Can I pay off my balance early?

A: Upon completing your transaction, you will be provided a login to your customer portal where you can pay off your balance early. 

Q: Other questions?

A: Please call us at 1-877-37-STAND or message us via live chat - we will be happy to help you and tell you more about our financing plan. For further information visit: