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standing desks collection

Made locally and designed to last, optimize your health and productivity with our premium standing desks, which allow you to effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing.

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standing desks collection
Sway Standing Desk - Cherrywood/Black - Cerisier/Noir
Shift Standing Desk - Ice White/Black - Blanc Glacial/Noir
Alive Standing Desk - Walnut/Black - noyer__noir
Ergo Frame - Black - Noire

Ergo Frame

$ 895.00 CAD


A desk is never complete without a few accessories to help us work efficiently while adding a touch of design to our workspace.

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Standing desk accessories
Cable Management Solution - White_42 - Blanc_42 - White_58 - Blanc_58 - White - Blanc
Ergonofis - Wall Shelf - White-Cherrywood - Blanc-Cerisier

Wall Shelf

From $ 295.00 CAD
Foldable Walking Treadmill - White - Blanc
Desk Shelf - Cherrywood - Cerisier
Desk Drawer - Black-Cherrywood - Noir-Cerisier
Single Monitor Arm - White-Single - Blanc-Simple
Fold Laptop Stand - Walnut - Noyer
Neat Filing Cabinet - White-Cherrywood - Blanc-Cerisier
Leather Desk Pad - Hazelnut - Brun
Under Desk Power Bar - Black-Under_Desk - Noire-Sous_bureau