We Believe in a Greener Future

The health of our planet is something we take very seriously at Ergonofis, and that is why we do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact, from material sourcing to volunteer clean-up duties.

We are proud to be B Corporation certified since July 2022!

Awarded to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact, the B Corp certification drives us to continually work towards greener initiatives for a better future.

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Small Changes Go a Long Way

We are proud to say that 75% of our purchases are made in Canada and nearly 91% in North America.

You’re probably wondering why aren’t 100% of our purchases done here?

The answer is simple: it’s for the sake of sustainability! If we don’t have the expertise for a certain component locally and have to go abroad to get our hands on a quality that will last through the years, it’s a compromise we believe is worth making.

A Rigorous Green Initiative

We are sensitive to deforestation, and that’s why our wood is sourced from sustainably managed North American forests.

Water: A Natural Resource

We chose a water-based lacquer to reduce our environmental impact, and we’re proud to say our desks’ finish is as smooth as ever.

The Lesser Impact, The Better

We only apply lacquer on top of our wooden desk surfaces, because what’s the point of coating the underside?

Supporting Local Talents

The Sway and Alive desk surfaces are handcrafted by local woodworkers in Montreal and the soft-touch Shift desk surface is made locally in the province of Quebec.

Perfectly Imperfect: We Believe in Second Chances

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we decided to sell at a discounted price products that show small defects instead of refurbishing them.

What we’re doing now

Carbon-Neutral Delivery Since August 2022

We’ve partnered up with the Shopify Sustainability Fund to transform our deliveries’ carbon footprint into concrete actions that help reverse climate change.

Our Commitment to the David Suzuki Foundation

Each month, we donate 1% of our net profits to the David Suzuki Foundation whose mission is to protect nature’s diversity.

Our Community Work with Le GRAME

Twice a year, our whole team volunteers with Le GRAME, a public interest organization, in a collective effort to clean up our beautiful city.

October 2020

Ban on disposable coffee capsules

One of our main values ​​is to take care of our environment. This is why we have banned the use of disposable coffee capsules in our offices. Our 25 employees use a traditional coffee machine instead, which allows us to save more than 6,250 coffee capsules per year.

August 2021

Launch of Almost Perfect*

The Almost Perfect are products with slight defects that do not meet our standards. They are perfectly imperfect, allow us to reduce our ecological footprint and offer you year-round reductions.

May 2022

Waste pick up

Ergonofis organizes a waste collection activity in a natural place twice a year with the help of the organization Le Grame. At the last collection, on May 6, 2022, the Ergonofis team picked up nearly 20 kg of waste near the Lachine Canal in Montreal.

August 2022

Carbon neutral shipping

The carbon offset process reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in order to cancel out the impact of greenhouse gases in a given location.