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Cable Management : 4 Efficient Ways to Hide Cables at Your Desk

Cable Management : 4 Efficient Ways to Hide Cables at Your Desk

Whether you’re in the office or at home, your workspace shouldn’t be neglected. If you are spending most of your days at your desk, it should be optimized to fit your needs and provide you with a productive environment. One thing is certain: a neat and tidy workspace will help you focus and increase your productivity. But how can one achieve such bliss? We know that cable management is a task that you may have been putting off for some time, but trust us: it is so satisfying and rewarding to have a well organized workspace.

Here are our 4 methods, from craftiest to “all-inclusive”, to get all your unruly cables in order. Depending on your budget, your needs and your time, we have the solution for you!

Evaluate your situation and plan adequately

As technology continues to evolve, electronic devices are becoming more and more wireless. Despite that, managing the few wires that are necessary for a work day is a challenge in itself. The following tips and tricks will help you keep your office space tidy and also aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get started! 

Before tackling this daunting task, we need to assess the gravity of the situation.
Two scenarios stand before you:

Scenario 1: You have a new setup

Great news! You can benefit from working on a clean slate. It may be easier to start from scratch and set up your workstation once and for all.

Before getting started, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do I need any kind of adapter?
    • How many power bar outlets do I need?
    • What can be optimized?

Done? Perfect, let’s continue!
Now, get all of your devices ready and start figuring out the layout that works best for you. Find the nearest wall outlet to plug in your power bar and you are ready to create your organization masterpiece.

Scenario 2: You are trying to optimize your existing setup

That’s no problem at all! Don’t worry, you can still achieve your dream cable management setup with just these few extra steps.

Just like the first scenario, a little reflection is necessary to ensure a well-thought workspace. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What is currently not working in my setup right now?
    • What do I want my dream setup to look like?
    • What can be optimized?

Have a better idea in mind? Great! Begin by unplugging every cable you see that is related to your computer and desk area. Next, look out for any unnecessary cables that can be removed, shortened or combined. Give your floor and desk a quick clean, and you are now ready to go on forward with your cable management creation.

Are you ready?

Method 1: Do It Yourself

Difficulty level : 2/3
Cost : $

Time needed : 1 hour

Whether you have a smaller budget or just don't want to invest a lot in a wire management solution, there are a few cheap and efficient ways to organize your desk setup. Some of them will require you to tap into your crafty side, and others will demand a little more thinking.

Hiding your power bar

Cable Box

Especially with a lot of electronics plugged in, your power bar plays a big role in the aesthetic aspect of your office. To remedy this problem, the power bar needs to be out of sight. First of all, try placing it behind or in between your surrounding furniture. If you are working in a more open space office, maybe putting your power bar in a cable box is the next best thing for you. While it may seem like a basic item, the cable box simply conceals your dark and messy cables and power bar in one place.

A DIY shoe box will also do the trick, but for a more sleek look, we recommend these hand-crafted options found on Etsy. With this hack, make sure that you create ventilation holes on both sides of your box so you can reduce the risk of it being a fire hazard if your power bar overheats.

Cable Net

The view of a cable box is still too much for you? Try hiding your power bar under the surface of your desk with a strong adhesive tape or a cable net for a more secure solution.

Power Bar

You can also purchase a power bar that can be directly attached on your desk surface.The ergonofis power bar can be installed under your desk surface with just a few screws or on your desk using a c-clamp for easy moving.

With these tricks, your power outlets will be at an easy reach and your cables will be lifted off the ground. Which leads us to our next useful tip, tying your cables together.

Tie it up!

Now that your cable box or power bar is hidden, there is still a little bit of work to do. Do not give up just yet! Your cables still need to be organized by themselves. For a clean look and a practical cable management, you can tie your cables together in order to form a single and long visible cord. If your cables are way too long (We have all been there!), try creating a loop with your wires instead of a long cord. To accomplish this, you can use something as simple as a cord, ruban or elastics, but for a more professional display, cable ties that are adjustable are our top picks! Even better, most adjustable cable ties are reusable, so you can easily update your cable management situation as the years go by or if you are moving.

Image from Amazon

Need to access quickly and often specific cables? A cable clip attached to the edge of your desk surface may be the right solution for you. Now, your phone charger can be at hand at any moment while still being at a designated place and organized.

Extra tip: Consider grommets for your next desk

Often forgotten, grommets are one of the easiest ways to keep your desk in order with all your cables in one place. On all ergonofis desks, you can add up to 2 grommets on your surface, in the position that is most convenient for you and your desk setup needs. Simply pass your cables through the grommet for a convenient cable management solution. Your cables will already be together in one same place and your desk will look so much cleaner. Win-win!

Method 1: Recap

Here is the final breakdown of what you need to know if you want to DIY your way through your cable management.


    • Low cost
    • Quick and easy fix
    • Easy to move around


    • Less durable
    • More planning required
    • Less aesthetic

Method 2: Keep it simple with a cable net or tray

Difficulty level : 1/3
Cost : $

Time needed : 20 minutes

Similar to the cable box method, this method is a great way to completely hide your cables and lift them off the ground. This method can take the form of a cable net or a cable tray, both that can be attached to the underside of your desk with screws. This allows you to route your cables and your power bar through so they are out of sight and elevated.

Extra tip: Combine your cable net with a power bar

Together, the cable net and the power bar form a dream duo, the perfect example of successful teamwork! This way, only one cable is being plugged into the power outlet on the wall and everything else is hidden in the cable net. A win-win for a clean and easy solution!

Method 2: Recap

Here is the final breakdown of what you need to know if you want to try the power duo for cable management.


    • Low cost
    • Quick and easy fix
    • Only one cord plugged in the wall


    • Requires to drill holes

Method 3: Try a cable management spine

Difficulty level : 1/3
Cost : $$$
Time needed : 20 minutes

Want a more all-in-one tool that still gives you that DIY feeling? The cable management spine is the perfect solution to getting your cables in order. User-friendly, it allows you to group your cords, from the floor up to the inferior surface of the desk.

The cable management spine offers an esthetic and practical way to protect your work station's cords while creating an alluring workspace without obstructions. The integrated magnetic holder allows it to be mounted directly on the desk's border, whether round or square. With its flexible structure, it will follow your desk and cords, sitting or standing. Its modular design has interlocking segments, allowing you to adjust the length according to your needs.

Extra tip: Identify your cables

Once everything is placed in the cable management spine, it may become difficult to identify a specific cable. If you need to have quick access to this cable, or simply like the organization aspect of it all, we recommend that you identify your cables with small labels (that you could even color coordinate!). This way, everything is going to be easy to navigate and to eventually set up in a new workspace.

Method 3: Recap

Here is the final breakdown of what you need to know if you want to group your cables together with the cable management spine.


    • All cables grouped together
    • Adjustable
    • User-friendly


    • Cable management not totally hidden

Method 4: Go all out with a Cable Management Solution

Difficulty level : 1/3
Cost : $$$
Time needed : 1 hour

Now, as the pièce de resistance, here is the ultimate wire management solution. The management of cables is a challenge for every desk, which is why we decided to create the perfect wire management solution to store all of your cables and power your electronic devices. The cable management solution includes a privacy screen with cable tunnel allows you to fix all your cables as well as the power strip with the help of reusable cable ties. The small holes in the screen can also be used to tie in your cords if the upper part isn’t large enough to hide them.

The 9-outlet power strip allows you to plug in all of your electronic devices in one place. Which means you will only have one cord to plug in the wall outlet, that of the power strip.

The reusable cable ties allow you to fix your cables to the privacy screen. Because they are reusable, there will be no need to cut them when adding and removing cables. The adhesive cable ties allow you to fix your cables under your work surface.

Extra tip: Try a monitor arm for a double feature accessory

This ergonomic accessory is useful for two important factors of working at a desk: keeping a good posture and having great cable management with the built in system in the arm. The monitor arm is a win-win solution! While lifting your monitor and giving it freedom of movement, the integrated wire management system for your monitor provides you with an elegant and seamless result.

Method 4: Recap

Here is the final breakdown of what you need to know if you want to enjoy the most complete wire management system.


    • Best aesthetic
    • Power bar integrated
    • All-in-one solution


    • Longer to set up

Out of sight, out of mind

Whether you’ve chosen the easiest or the fanciest cable management option, at the end of the day what really matters is that you are working in a space that allows you to be your best productive self. We believe that there is no need to be intimidated by tackling the cable management of your desk. This one-time task shouldn’t be overlooked as much as it is today. Trust us, the feeling of satisfaction once you look under your desk and you see little to no cables is SO worth it.

We want to know, how is your current management looking as you read this? We won't judge, promise!

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