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5 decor inspirations for a stylish home office : time to freshen up!

5 decor inspirations for a stylish home office : time to freshen up!

Of course, your home office should be dedicated to working, but that doesn't mean its atmosphere should be monotonous or neglected. Considering that the layout of this increasingly important space requires special attention, we decided to bring together 5 decoration styles to inspire you and guide you through your choices. You will find below mood boards, colour palettes, and guidelines on materials and shapes to integrate into your workspace. We also share a list of our favourite addresses to complement your ergonomic workspace with stylish decorative objects. Ready for an inspirational journey? Explore our favourite decorating ideas for a home office truly worthy of the name.

1. Geometric anecdotes enthusiastic and creative

With sober and luminous colours as a canvas, we dare the unusual by combining various geometric shapes and colours that create astonishing contrasts. We let this space transport us into a spontaneous and lively world that we discover and rediscover every day. We choose this because it captivates us and awakens our senses by stimulating new perspectives.

Materials and shapes

To achieve this style with success, the golden rule is to bring together shapes and colours that stand out because of their differences. We choose shapes that go from squares to circles, with curves of all kinds. Above all, the most important thing is to dare to create surprising combinations.

Colour palette

We have a crush on the combination of out-of-phase primary colours with warm beige and dark grey tones.

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2. Timelessly modern 
visionary and consistent

Yes, it is possible to replace the established, and it feels good! Timelessly modern is a harmonious union of classics and contemporaries where a chiaroscuro aspect creates a cozy atmosphere interspersed with revisited classics. We select furniture and accessories that have an inviting look and feel. We adopt this aesthetic because it matches the highest of our ambitions and supports our dedicated work with elegance and character.

Materials and shapes

We choose shapes with assertive lines built with noble and classic materials such as wood, metal, and leather. We set up our office in a darker place due to the chosen colours and let in natural light to reveal the details of its composition.

Colour palette

We combine a wide range of smoky colours alongside deep navy blue and grey, which, when combined, form a combo worthy of a futuristic cigar lounge.

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3. Human-nature raw and peaceful

This style almost feels like we're in a temporal and spatial bubble. We confuse the exterior and the interior through the careful blending of natural materials and an earthy colour palette. The appeal of this style lies in its warm and reassuring aspect. We select this atmosphere for a space that calms us and refocuses us on the very essence of things.

Materials and shapes

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and raw ceramics are preferred, combined with natural and vegetable fibres such as hemp, cotton, linen, and rattan. The essence of this style lies in the natural aspect of the chosen objects. A plus: we adopt the irregularities that give them life and personality.

Colour palette 

This palette of organic colours can be seen on a walk in the woods in the middle of autumn. The hues are monochrome and the gentle contrasts only add depth to the environment.

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4. Sustainably smart aware and honest

We cautiously create a sanitized space by predominantly using cold colours and materials. However, we immediately move away from it by adding touches of greenery and diffused lighting. The idea here is to adopt an avant-garde approach to the home office by making it suitable for innovation. We choose it because it enlightens us and propels us towards a promising future. 

Materials and shapes

The lines are clean and defined as if they were cut with a scalpel. The shapes are made from controlled materials, and their finishes are smooth. We choose stainless steel and recycled plastic of all shapes. Above all, remember to add real plants and dare to add accessories with a scientific appeal. By doing so, we give our workspace a clean look reminiscent of the study of nature.

Colour palette

We stick to grey and beige shades while adding a few green notes.

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5. Golden flow discreet and open

Here, we lean towards a honeyed environment with delicate and refined details. When we arrange the objects we selected, we remain sober and soft. A Golden flow environment is an airy space that breathes and moves us in absolute calmness. Our office is decorated with this direction because it is modest, it reassures us, and invites us to take our time.

Materials and shapes

We have the impression of living in the sun. The materials and textiles have bright and clear colours. We opt for natural-looking materials and airy textiles. This space's overall appearance is soft and comforting, like a quiet retreat that supports a focused and relaxed state of mind.

Colour palette

We call it Golden flow for a reason. We envelop our working environment with gold leaf by choosing variably saturated golden hues.

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