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The Moving Together Challenge

The Moving Together Challenge

This March, we're inviting you to move with us - oh, and you could win a Shift 2.0 standing desk if you do!

Quick summary of the contest:
Challenge: Moving Together Challenge
Why: To motivate each other to move and boost our morale.
Contest: Win a Shift 2.0 desk of your choice
How: Share a picture of you on instagram being active in your story (any sports or activity counts, even just a walk outside), tag @ergonofis and add the hashtag #mymovingminutes
When: From March 1st to March 31st, 2021

What is the Moving Together Challenge?
Laurence, our HR & Office Manager who always has our wellness at heart, came up with the challenge to boost our mental health during these difficult months. Incorporating movement in our workday is crucial to us. The simple act of moving regularly contributes to relieving stress, anxiety and depression symptoms,
so why not motivate each other to move more every day?


She divided our team into groups and asked us to set goals of how many active minutes we wanted to achieve in February. The main objective of the challenge: motivate each other to move more every day. And we're inviting you to be part of the movement this March.

Whatever activity (or activities) you choose, as long as you're moving, will count towards your 'moving minutes' goal. Even if it's just a walk around your neighborhood on your lunch break.

We’ve also teamed up with Eve Guilbert who will be teaching 2 Yoga classes and 2 After-Work Stretching sessions on our Instagram page!

How can I participate in the Moving Together Challenge?
Set yourself an objective of how many 'moving minutes' you want to accomplish in March. If you want to challenge your own group - be it your colleagues, family, friends, or pandemic posse - we have a template you can use to create teams and track your minutes. If you do it alone, know that our team is right there cycling/cross-country skiing/doing pilates/walking with you!

How can I participate in the contest to win a Shift 2.0 standing desk?
We want to encourage you to incorporate movement into your workday not only in March, but by making it a habit. So we're giving away a Shift 2.0 standing desk of your choice to keep you moving all day long, every day of the workweek!

To enter the contest:
1. You need to first participate in the Moving Together Challenge and follow us on Instagram.
2. To earn an entry into the contest, post a story of you doing your activity, tag us (@ergonofis) and add the hashtag
3. You can post a story every day, and every post will count as an additional entry into the contest (maximum of 1 post/entry per day until March 31st at midnight EST).*

We’re excited to get started and to get moving together in March!


Contest: Moving Together Challenge. The winner will be chosen randomly on April 2nd and announced on April 5th, 11 AM EST, via our Instagram. Participants must be 13 and over and live in Canada or the United States. The winner will get a Shift Desk 2.0, size & colour of their choice.

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