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How to take care of your wooden Sway and Alive desks?

How to take care of your wooden Sway and Alive desks?

Cleaning your wooden work surface

Sway and Alive table tops are either made of walnut, maple, cherrywood, or suar. These noble and durable materials require careful yet straightforward maintenance. Indeed, the finishing lacquer on our wooden surfaces ensures that most damages do not adhere to them. That said, follow these instructions to maintain your Sway or Alive desk properly.

  1. We highly recommend weekly cleaning. Dust your desk regularly with a soft cloth. Any cleaning done on the wood surface should gently follow the grain of the wood. Avoid scrubbing the stain too hard; you don't want to alter the surface' finish in the targeted areas.

  2. In case of stains, start by cleaning with a soft microfibre cloth moistened with lukewarm or room temperature water. Then dry quickly with a paper towel or a soft, clean cloth. Always clean following the direction of the wood grain.

  3. If the stain resists the first cleaning step, add a mild detergent. For example, soapy water (1 spoonful of dishwashing soap - ideally unscented - mixed to one liter of lukewarm water) works very well! Gently wash the wooden surface with a clean paper towel or soft cloth. Rinse and dry the desk surface with lateral movements in the direction of the wood.



    1. Wood is a noble and sometimes capricious material. Make sure to maintain a constant room temperature between 18°C and 21°C and a humidity level between 45% and 55%. Severe variations in temperature and humidity can subject your wood surface to stress that can lead to cracks or twisting. Therefore, place it away from heat sources such as heaters and fireplaces. Also, avoid being too close to a window.

    2. Ultraviolet rays (UV) can also damage your surface finish and discolor the wood. For this reason, you should avoid extended exposure to the sun. Also, get into the habit of moving decorative objects (lamps, vases, computer monitors, etc.) that are on your desk to prevent the effects of the sun from marking their location by the surrounding discoloration.

    3. Hot objects (coffee cups, dishes, etc.) put in contact with the wooden surface can create a reaction with the finish. At all times, place heat-resistant coasters or trivets on your desk before placing them on your work surface to prevent the wood finish composition from altering and leave undesirable rings.

    4. Beware of objects that you place directly on the surface of your wooden desk. They could scratch or discolor it. We recommend placing felt pads under any items to avoid scratches.

    5. Make sure to clean up spills, dirt, or stains quickly - you'll get better results with less effort!

    6. Do not use powdered abrasives or other corrosive cleaning products such as hypochlorite bleach, hydrogen peroxide, nitric, hydrochloric acid, or lye. They will most likely damage the wooden surface.



In case of scratches or burns, contact a professional cabinetmaker. The beauty of wood lies - among other things - in the fact that it is durable and repairable. If you think the wood surface is irreversibly damaged, think again. The cabinetmaker will no doubt be able to offer you a solution to give your beloved desk a new look.  


Clean your Sway adjustable base

Just like the Shift base, maintaining the Sway adjustable base is very simple. Start by removing stains with a soft microfibre cloth moistened with lukewarm or room temperature water, then dry the excess water with a paper towel or a soft and dry cloth. If stains appear to rebel to cleaning with water, repeat the cleaning procedure adding a mild detergent. Allow the soapy water to react for a few minutes, then rinse with water and dry with a soft dry cloth. For fingerprints, we recommend the use of a window cleaner spray. 

The care instructions for ergonofis products are provided as a service. No warranty is implied as results may vary from one product to another.

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