Home Office Tour: Mélissa Côté from The Headlandhouse

Visite d'un bureau à domicile : Mélissa Côté de @the_headlandhouse

Espace et photos par Mélissa Côté

Mettant en vedette le bureau ajustable Sway de ergonofis

Mélissa Côté est une blogueuse et maman au foyer qui vit sur la Rive-Sud de Québec. Vous la trouverez sur sa Instagram page where she takes us inside her beautiful home, shares her reality as a mom, and well-being inspirations. Take a look at her home office that inspires comfort and peace of mind.

''Mon environnement joue un grand rôle sur ce que je ressens et mon bureau me donne envie de pousser mes idées encore plus loin.''

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What are three words you'd use to describe how you want your office to feel?
Inspirant, plaisant et fonctionnel.

Qu’est-ce qui fait de ton bureau à domicile le meilleur endroit pour travailler? Et pourquoi est-il important pour toi d’avoir cet espace?
Being a stay-at-home mom, it’s important to have a designated space for me to work without distractions. We set up our office in the basement, next to my son’s playroom. This way, I am able to work and answer my emails while my son plays quietly next door. My office allows me to have space entirely dedicated to myself and my little paperwork.

Mettant en vedette le support à portable de ergonofis

Mettant en vedette la chaise ergonomique YouToo de ergonofis

''Cet espace est à la fois apaisant pour mon esprit et mon corps. C’est ce qui m’est essentiel.''

What does your office say about you?
My office says that I am a creative person who needs to be surrounded by art and objects that make me feel good. My environment plays a big role in how I feel and my office makes me want to challenge myself.

What were your inspirations when designing this space?
I was clearly inspired by the rest of my house to give it a vintage and eclectic vibe. It’s a style that I particularly like. I find that the mixture of decorative elements with an antique look mixed with more modern accessories gives a lot of personality to a space.

Quel élément de ton bureau est indispensable?
To me, the entire decor is essential to feel good in my office. It all starts with the magnificent Sway standing desk in white oak and the YouToo ergonomic chair, which is the ultimate comfort! This space is soothing for both my mind and my body. That is what’s essential to me.

Qu’est-ce que tu écoutes dans ton bureau à domicile?
Comme ce n'est pas un espace que j'utilise à temps plein, je prends rarement le temps d'écouter des podcasts ou de la musique tout en travaillant. Je suis fan de musique qui a une ambiance vintage, comme Blues and Folks, ce qui me fait du bien.

Lastly, what's your #1 career tip?
Suis ton cœur -xxx

Thank you so much, Mélissa, for sharing your office space with us. You can find Mélissa on her page instagram The Headlandhouse.

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