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AMAZING. No, really, buy one.

Sure, you'll read a lot of reviews here saying people love their desks, and I'm here to say, they are right. From the beginning of the ordering process to getting the desk setup at home. The team was there to help me and ensure that I was getting the right product for what I needed. I love the desk, true it sounds like a line from Anchor Man with Will Farrell, but it is so true. Buy one, you'll love it too.

Great standing desk!

This standing desk is worth the investment. It is classy and elegant, high quality wood. Love how I saved my standing and sitting settings on it so it automatically adjust. I know it is more on the high end price but it is worth every dime.

Great Product wiht an excellent service.

I bought my sway desk a couple of months ago, so I thought I’d leave a comment about the product since it was properly tested.

First, the customer service was excellent and also honest. There was a mistake in the price range and I didn’t have to deal with a salesman who’s tried to come up with some scheme to get back that money there where losing on my sale. It was a nice gesture of them to admit their mistake. We surely don’t see that enough nowadays.

Now the product itself is a great and by that, I mean, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another desk if I ended up needing another one. The desk is built to last and is very beautiful. I took the birch wood and it suits my home environment very well.

I also took the chance to setup the desk by myself and it was very easy to do. I do believe that Ergonofis should revise their setup booklet, some of the nuts and bolts didn’t have the proper names, but it was easy to figure out what was what.

I didn’t buy any of the accessories they had to offer and this is where Ergonofis should upper their game to offer a wide range of monitor stands. I ended up buying two arms stands on amazon and they fit properly on my desk and on top that, they take no space. I believe people would buy those arm stands if they were available at their store.

As for the price of the desk, it isn’t cheap, but the overall experience with the salesman, the quality of the desk that will last forever and the warranty, I feel it was good for me. Like I said, I would buy another one if needed.

Thank you for a great product,

Bureau sway

Nous sommes très satisfaits de l’achat du bureau ergonomique. Service à la clientèle impeccable!

The Sway desk

Got it, assembled it, began using it...

...just like that! I bought the 60" version so I'd have plenty of room for work materials and a small, relative, library of reference publications. My work day begins by popping the Sway up to 'standing' level - then working 'till about noon or one P.M. like that. I drop it down for the rest of the afternoon. Your legs will feel it (in the beginning) but it all works out for the better - for your back and your posture too. I just love this desk!

Best Decision EVER!!

After 20 years of a traditional office desk I decided to make the move to a standing desk. I took my time and researched many options as it was a big move and I wanted to make sure to find a quality product but also a stylish one to fit the design of our contemporary home. I decided to go with a ergonofis Sway desk, monitor stand and mat....I could not be happier!!! Easy to put together, high quality and love the look, I would encourage anyone looking for a standing desk to buy one from ergonofis.


Great desk... Very high quality woodwork and hardware.

Very impressed with my walnut Sway desk. The woodwork is very high quality, with no notable imperfections, and the hardware is the best quality that I've seen for a mechanical lift desk (work in IT... have seen a LOT). In addition to these positive attributes, the wood stain/coat has a very subtle, yet pleasant fragrance. Not very noticeable, but it does add to the overall presence in the room. The desk is a great combination of form and function.

Superbe bureau!

J’ai opté pour le Sway 72 pouces en noyer et je suis très satisfait. La construction est solide, les moteurs pour ajuster l’hauteur du bureau sont aussi très performants... un excellent choix pour un bureau qui durera longtemps!

My Review

Amazing Love This Product.

un plaisir de s'assoir

J'ai maintenant 2 chaises de ERGONOFIS

on sent super bien de travailler sur cette équipement bien adapté

je le recommande à tous !

Yves Lauzon

Awesome desk!

I really love my new stand-up sway desk. Adjusting the height is so easy and smooth. Looks great in my office. I highly recommend this desk!

Making a huge difference!

Really great product, I pretty much stand all day and feel great :) Thanks!

Awesome Desk

Super happy with my new desk! The look and feel of it is everything I wanted in a standing desk. The support throughout the entire process was above and beyond what I had in mind. Great product, awesome support, and friendly customer service!

Un client très satisfait

Tout simplement impeccable comme expérience client.

There really isn’t anything like this on the market.

I have had the desk now for several months and I can confidently say it met my high expectations. After trying many desks, and buying several and later having to replace them, it was a great relief to find the one.

It’s one of those things you don’t know until you look. I assumed it would be easy to find a tastefully designed desk with the desired customization. I could not have been more wrong. There really isn’t anything like this on the market. You can find desks with beautiful materials, or you can find them with ergonomic fit, but never both. The stands also compliment the feel I wanted, and I trust they will continue more in this direction.

Beautiful desk - excellent service

ordering a live edge wood product online is a little scary - you never really know what you're gonna get. in this case though, Ergonofis sent me pictures of the desktop before shipping to make sure I would be happy with it. the desk is beautiful and functions perfectly

Excellent produit et excellent service

J'utilise mon nouveau bureau depuis 3 mois maintenant et je suis encore très satisfait du produit. Simple et de qualité. L'équipe d'Ergonofis ont réellement créé un beau bureau monté soigneusement avec des produits de qualité. Le seul problème est qu'on ne peut plus s'en passer après usage! ;-)

Bureau Sway en noyer - Walnut Sway desk

Ce bureau est d'une grande qualité, très confortable et très beau. Je vous le recommande.
This is a high-quality, sturdy desk that is also comfortable and good-looking. I recommend it.

Une optimisation x 1000

Toutes entreprises devrai avoir un bureau assis debout de chez ergonofis, l'optimisation et le reveille cérébrale est instantané!! Et le design est tellement beau!!!

J'adore !!!

Absolutely Amazing

This is probably one of the best investments when it comes to upgrading my home office. I bought the YouToo ergonomic chair first before my Sway and having the "set" now is just perfection. The quality from the wood tabletop to the legs exceeded my expectations, and the assembly instructions were pretty easy to follow. Customer service is amazing, and the packaging the desk ships in is amazing as well. I absolutely am obsessed with it and am super happy!

Sway desk

I purchased three sway desks. Customer service was excellent. Assembly was very manageable and extra hardware came with the desks. The desks work great. Movement is smooth and quiet. The option of standing is wonderful and makes a long work period more comfortable. And the appearance is not compromised by functionality. The desks are beautiful. Would re-purchase without hesitation.


The quality is fabulous and transport overseas was also packed in brilliant way. Would recommend ergonofis any time!

A Quality Product!

We recently purchased two sway desks from Ergonofis and have found them to be an excellent product. The desk quality from a workmanship perspective is impeccable, the customer service is excellent and the entire purchase process is seamless. If you are looking to purchase a very good quality desk that can be put in any room to complement your furniture, consider the offerings from Ergonofis.

Excellent bureau

Très satisfait du produit et du service. Installation facile. Merci!