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Our products are proudly made in Canada 🇨🇦
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5 Reasons Why Working Is Better Than Sleeping

5 Reasons Why Working Is Better Than Sleeping

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

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Active desk workers make happy and productive desk workers. Let’s face it, we all end up slouched when we’re sitting. Whether we’re in the car, at work, or watching TV, we slouch. Modern humans spend an average of 12 hours per day sitting down. Can you imagine what all that sitting does to our bodies over a few years? How about over a lifetime?

We can’t sit properly for 12 hours per day - we’re only human after all! That’s why it’s crucial to work from a sit/stand desk that allows us to move freely throughout our workday. That’s precisely why we launched ergonofis. We want to make working better than sleeping. It really is possible to make this happen. In fact, we find that work already has many advantages oversleeping. Controversial, we know. Read on!


1- After work happy hours are the best

Think about it. What do you prefer, breakfast meetings or happy hours? We know which one we’d choose. Happy hours are the bee’s knees. Everyone knows you can’t have a happy hour unless you’ve put in a solid day’s work first. There’s no better way to woo your work crush or form lasting bonds with colleagues. In addition, happy hours make happy employees, and research shows that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees.


2- Sleeping doesn’t get you a promotion but working does

Why do we work apart from the obvious reason, money? We work for fulfillment. Being offered a promotion is one way to achieve both money and fulfillment. You certainly won’t get a promotion by sleeping!  The best way to work towards a promotion is to consistently improve your productivity.

According to professionals, introducing movement into your day is a sure fire way to boost productivity faster. In other words, being active leads to better productivity. According to new research, using a standing desk at work leads to a 10% increase in productivity. By improving your posture and moving more, you’ll work better and feel better too! Who knows, your standing desk might even get you promoted.


3- Working at a standing desk burns more calories than sleeping

The work day is a fantastic time for calorie burning. People who spend the workday sitting down at a desk are likely to burn approximately 820 calories. Meanwhile, those who move around while at work burn upwards of 1020 calories during the workday. Conversely, while you’re sleeping, the average 150-pound person burns only 500 calories! Great work leads to great sleep and vice versa, but when it comes to burning calories, work wins hands down, especially if you stay active while you’re working ;) .


4- You can make lifelong friends at work

Whatever your role, work gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Some of these people will probably become your friends! Not only that, you may be surprised to know that over 15% of people meet their significant other through their job. That’s more than those who meet in bars (12%) and even more than dating apps (8%). So if you haven’t found your Mr. or Mrs. Right yet, prepare yourself for a potentially steamy encounter at your standing desk any day now.


5- Sleep will feel better after a solid day of work at your standing desk

When your posture is right during the day, you’ll have a much better night’s sleep. Given our 21st century lifestyle, we spend more time at our desks than in bed. Most of us sleep awkwardly or spend hours scrunched up on public transport, but having a customizable desk will give your muscles the chance to heal during the day as well as during the night. Thanks to our desk’s built-in touch screen panel, you’ll be able to adjust the height of your work surface to fit your needs, moving from sitting to standing with ease. Trust us. Your muscles will thank you. So will your newly productive brain!

Alternate between sitting and standing at work. Improve your sleep, your health, and your life. Shop our favorite sit/stand desks today!

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